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How to Choose the Best International School in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

There are a few different factors to consider when deciding on the best international school for your child. For one, you should consider the level of education that the school offers. Some schools offer a limited number of classes per level, whereas others offer a wide range of options. For example, the British International School in Kuala Lumpur offers grades from Kindergarten to Year Six. The school also offers a dual curriculum, which means that children can follow either the National Curriculum or the International Curriculum. Some schools offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities, as well. international school in malaysia

The school is well-known for offering progressive education. It strives to make learning a fun experience for all children. Its modern campus includes IT suites, science labs, sports fields, and a library. All of these are integrated into lessons. The school offers English-medium courses for international students from preschool to grade 12. For non-native English speakers, the school also offers a Chinese immersion course.

If you’re looking for a private international school in Kuala Lumpur, it is important to consider the distance between the school and your home. Some international schools are located in the city center, while others are located in more rural areas. The best option for your child’s education is the one that matches your family’s lifestyle.

Templer Park International School is located 30 minutes outside of Kuala Lumpur. Students at this private school enjoy the benefits of a lush green campus with outdoor classrooms. The open space helps improve students’ physical and mental health. It also raises their awareness of the Earth. Besides excellent academics, Templer Park also emphasizes hands-on learning and inquiry-based teaching methods. It also values the freedom of creativity, which is important for a successful education.

The Alice Smith School is another of the best international schools in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It follows the British curriculum and has two campuses. Both campuses are well-equipped and designed to ensure academic excellence. The school also has a large network of alumni.

The Brighton International School is another excellent choice for an international school in Kuala Lumpur. Its curriculum blends Islamic values and British curriculum. The school strives to create a safe environment where students can grow in the spirit of Islam. The school also incorporates ecological and Islamic concepts to ensure that children develop in an environmentally friendly manner.

Garden International School is another international school in Kuala Lumpur that focuses on sustainability and technology. It offers a direct pathway to the IBDP and IGCSE for students aged 14-16. The school also offers boarding opportunities and has received international accreditation from several international schools bodies. It is also recognized as an Apple Distinguished School. The Garden International School has been operating since 1951 and is part of the Federation of British International Schools in Asia.

Another international school in Kuala Lumpur is the American School of Kuala Lumpur. This school is a private, non-profit school with campuses in two areas. The school offers a wide range of subjects and is home to more than six thousand graduates. The school boasts a multilingual community of students, with over 60 nationalities represented at each campus.


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