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International Education Academy Offers Additional Professional Education And Professional Experience

What is personality-based learning (also known as IEL) and how does it relate to the International Education Academy? International Education Academy was founded by Paul G Johnson and Bonnie Johnson, who are teachers from New Orleans, LA. They have been helping people develop professional skills for over three decades. Their belief is that students will learn more if they have a personal relationship with an instructor and a coach rather than the “classroom based” method that many other schools use.

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A personality assessment is basically a way of testing individuals to determine which personality type they have. There are several different personality types. Dominant, Influence, Steady, and Weak. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses. This can be applied to environments as diverse as classrooms, business settings, and international settings. These personality types can be brought into any setting with the proper training. кто такие интроверты

Another method of testing personality is Behavior Detection Theory. This is based on the idea that people learn from what they observe or what they have experienced. An instructor may have a classroom full of people and they all behave a certain way. The theory says that a student will learn from this behavior and form patterns as they observe others behave in similar situations. The environment needs to support the individual in forming these patterns and it also needs to be a challenge to challenge these behaviors.

In the case of the International Education Academy, each individual course is taught by a personality expert and there are also numerous electives within each course as well. Students have a choice of attending evening classes or online classes. Instruction is provided in an interactive learning environment that combines video, text and audio. Students also have the opportunity to visit the campus on several occasions throughout the year. Instructors at International Education Academy follow a professional approach to teaching that is based upon years of experience and research. Students also get additional professional education and professional experience through the International Education Academy’s placement service.

The placement service at International Education Academy helps students prepare for their journey by helping them find the perfect educational program that fits their learning style. Students also get additional professional development by participating in activities such as workshops, seminars and special events. Students are encouraged to network with other professionals in their field through this service as well as network with students who are completing their programs at International Education Academy. Students can also choose to complete a certification exam after they complete their programs.

Students have the opportunity to access the most comprehensive website in the industry today. They can access a resume builder, business section, career center and news sections. Students are able to connect with other International Education Academy students on message boards, chat rooms and discussion forums.


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