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The IT Recruitment Agency

A very well established IT recruitment agency in the UK is Heaad International. Their website can be browsed online which offers a host of useful information, such as the company’s history, mission, vision and the key team members. One of the most interesting pages on their site is the “About Us” page. This gives an insight into the ethos of the company and explains who they are representing – if the site is not familiar, one should ask for further information.

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The main representative of the company is the Director of Recruitment, Paul Owen. Paul is an ex-Microsoft executive, with a passion for providing excellent IT specialist skills to the larger global community. He has held various senior roles within Microsoft Research, helping to design and launch the portal designed by Bill Gates. подбор разработчиков

Another key man at Heaad is Kevin Collier, an experienced technical recruiter with considerable job experience. He has successfully recruited and successfully placed many of the world’s most high profile technology jobseekers, such as Craig Ballantyne, Steve Jobs and Dieter Hecking. Heaad has developed its own recruitment process with an emphasis on matchmaking between the candidates and the suitable vacancies. This is in contrast to many recruitment agencies which use a process where they try to find the best candidates for every open position.

In addition to the job listings, the website also includes information about the different recruitment agencies and specialists involved in the IT sector. The site states that it has over 400 specialists across the UK, including UK-based recruitment agencies, IT recruitment agencies based in Europe and recruitment agencies in the US. It is divided into two main categories, one for fresher or entry level positions and another for experienced professionals looking for career change. The site clearly states the kind of roles that the IT recruitment agency specialises in – security, engineering, networking, telecoms, telematics etc. – and therefore the kind of candidate they look for.

The IT recruitment agency website clearly explains to the potential candidates what they are signing up for and why they should choose their services. There is a section headed ‘What You Need To Know’ where the recruitment agencies go into detail about the roles that they specialise in, the pay rates and the terms and conditions of the roles. Each of the recruitment agencies will have their own website that you can go on to sign up for employment.

With a simple click of the mouse, you can read the interesting information about different roles and browse through the various profiles that the IT recruitment agency has for that position. Depending upon the kind of job you are after, the recruitment agency can help you find the ideal position with the company. It is also possible for the IT recruitment agency to match you with an employer based upon your criteria. The agencies may match you with the company in the same industry or with an employer from another country.


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